Village Sign

Village Sign

The main part of the old village sign was originally thought to be beyond repair, but it was recently confirmed that it could be renovated and that has now been done by one of our parishioners. It was agreed that the original carving of the fair would be repainted professionally and the reverse side would be planed down and painted as “Old Cricketers”, a cricket scene drawn by the winner of the competition held during 2018.  The painting of the sign has now been completed.

We have obtained a piece of oak at a reasonable price, suitable for carving and painting the name of the village on it, as per the original.  The carving has recently been completed.

We will be able to have the original heraldic panels repainted, as well as the original corner panels and a parishioner has offered to remake parts of the metal frame, with one of our parish councillors painting that frame, thereby enabling a good saving on the costs. The assembly of the sign will also be dealt with by a parishioner.  Grateful thanks go to those putting in their time and efforts – it is much appreciated.

We still have to decide on the style of the base and also cost the installation, roof and base.  As happens with many projects, we are over budget by the sum of £455, without these unknown costs, so would be very grateful if anyone feels they could make a donation.

If you would like to comment on the above or make any suggestions, please contact the clerk or any of our parish councillors   –  contact details on our website.