Parish Councillors

Parish Councillors are elected every four years and take office four days after an election.  They look after village matters and in Aldborough, own and manage The Green including the play area. They are consulted by NNDC on planning applications in Aldborough and Thurgarton, generally report on highways problems, such as potholes, flooding, etc., and look after the village assets, such as the village sign, notice boards and benches.  If you have anything you would like to discuss with our councillors, or you would like something to be put on the Agenda for the next meeting, the contact details for Aldborough and Thurgarton Parish  Councillors are as follows

Chairman – Cllr. Phil Chapman, Davlos, 1 Chapel Road, Aldborough, NR11 7NS   Tel: 761681  email: [email protected] (Particular interest: Play Area and The Green management, Village Newsletter)

Vice Chair – Cllr. Ricki Gadsby, Swift Cottage, The Green, Aldborough, NR11 7AA  email: [email protected] (Particular interest: The Green management, Chair of Village Magazine Committee and Editor)

Cllr. Tina Gibbons, The Mill, Mill Lane, Aldborough, NR11  email: [email protected] (Particular interest: Stepping Stones and member of Village Magazine Committee)

Cllr. Peter Hall, Stone House, The Green, Aldborough, NR11 7AA tel: 768983 email [email protected] (Particular interest: Play Area, Cricket and street lighting)

Cllr. Andy Hick, 26 Paulian Court, The Eslanade, Sheringham, NR26 8LQ  email: [email protected] (Particular interest: Community Centre liaison, Health & Welfare, Advertising for Village Newsletter)

Due to the resignation of Cllr. M. Elliott after many years as our Chairman and recently as a parish councillor we currently have a vacancy for a parish councillor.  The required Notice  to the public is shown below – please click on the link to view. This has now expired and we will be able to co-opt.  Please contact the Clerk or Chairman if you are interested in becoming a parish councillor.



Cllr. David Gallant has also resigned from the Parish Council  (his highlight project being the village sign), so we have a second vacancy – again, the required Notice link is below – please click on link to read