Agenda and Minutes

Please note all Minutes are in draft until approved at the following meeting.  Signed approved copies are available from the Clerk for a small copying fee.

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Agenda January 9th 2023


Agenda Monday 7th November 2022

Draft Minutes for meeting 7th November 2022

Draft Minutes 5th September 2022

Agenda 5th September 2022 printable

Draft Minutes for meeting 11th August 2022

Agenda 3 August 11th 2922 extraordinary meeting

Report from Clerk

Aldborough and Thurgarton Risk Assessment

Agenda 4th July 2022 PC revised

Minutes for meeting 4th July 2022

Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 24th May  2022
Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 24th May 2022
Chair’s report Annual Parish Meeting 2022

Agenda 3rd May 2022
Minutes of Annual Meeting 3rd May 2022
Payments for May 2022

Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 25th March 2022

March 2022 Agenda
March 2022 Minutes
March 2022 List of Payments
March 2022 Balance Sheet 2021-22
BUDGET 2022-23 updated to 28.2.22

January 2022 Agenda
January 2022 Minutes
January 2022 List of Payments
January 2022 Balance Sheet


November 2021 Agenda
November 2021 Minutes
November 2021 List of Payments
November 2021 Balance Sheet

September 2021 Agenda
September 2021 Minutes
September 2021 List of Payments
September 2021 Balance-sheet

July 2021 Agenda
July 2021 Minutes
July 2021 Reports-to-Minutes

July 2021 List of Payments

May 2021 Agenda
May 2021 Minutes
May 2021 List of Payments

April 2021 Agenda Committee Meeting
April 2021 Minutes Committee Meeting

March 2021 Agenda  
March 2021 Minutes 

February 2021 Agenda Extraordinary Meeting
February 2021 Minutes

January 2021 Agenda
January 2021 Minutes
January 2021 payments
January 2021 Balance-sheet


November 2020 Agenda
November 2020 Minutes
November 2020 Community Centre Report to PC

September 2020 Agenda
September 2020 Minutes amended and approved

July 2020 Agenda
July 2020 Minutes – amended and approved

Statutory Instruments 2020/392 and 2020/404 have given Parish Councils flexibility to deal with their meetings and audits differently this year due to the corona virus crisis

Statutory Instrument 2020/392 allows authorities (except parish meetings) to hold virtual meetings, to remove the requirement to hold a Parish Council Annual Meeting and Parish Meeting. Click on link below to read.

Statutory Instrument 2020/392

Statutory Instrument 2020/404 removes the requirement for a common period for the exercise of public rights and extending the deadline by which the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) together with any certificate or opinion issued by the local auditor must be published from 30 September 2020 to 30 November 2020. Click on link below to read

Statutory Instrument 2020/404

March 2020 Agenda
March 2020 Minutes
March 2020Reports-to-Meeting

January 2020 Agenda
January 2020 Minutes of Meeting
January 2020 Reports-to-Meeting


November 2019 Agenda
November 2019 Minutes
November 2019 Reports to Minutes

September 19 Agenda Extraordinary Meeting
September 19 Extraordinary Meeting Minutes

September 19 Agenda
September 19 Minutes
List of payments September 19

 July 19 Agenda
July 19 Minutes
July 19 List of payments

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2019
Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2019

May 19 Agenda
May 19 Minutes

APR 19 Agenda
April 19 Minutes

FEB 19 Agenda
FEB 19 Minutes


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